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We are a small hybrid publishing company established in 1984. We publish books and magazines.

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Wind Dancer by Raven Bond | purchase on kindle

Published December 2014

The Invaders came from the sky, unleashing their death rays on the Earth. From Mars some said, or beyond.
Cities fell before them, one after the other. A Great Alliance was formed between countries who had played at war against each other in the time before. Queen Victoria brought together a convocation of scientists, among them the Savant, Tesla. The knowledge of city shields and ways to fight against the foe went out to everyone who would listen, in all corners of the world. Mad science and mystery worked hand in hand with human courage.

Thirty years later, in the 1890’s, the world has changed beyond recognition. The Invaders have been driven off, some say all killed, but is that story just a way to sleep at night? Those who are left covet the power they had before the Reconstruction. Others embrace this new world and the freedom it brings after the War.

The Airship Wind Dancer is led by Captain William Hunting Owl, a tribesman from the Americas. Together with his first officer, a former British Air captain, and a Hindu Sorceress Assassin, he fights to keep his ship flying. The crew of the privateer comes from every Free Port still standing. They seek to make a living in a world that has few rules except for the Articles that guide life on the ship. Their shipmates are their family; all have lost something they held dear, and few speak of it.

William Hunting Owl and Lawrence Rogers seek to discover who killed Will’s father. They are willing to do whatever it takes to find their answers.

Library of Time by Ria Loader | Purchase on kindle

Published December, 2014

When her odd and immortal grandmother asked for Mira’s help five years ago, Mira felt it only natural to agree. Mira now held a mysterious and dangerous collection of knowledge that was tesseracted into a magical book called the Rede of Trees. Little did she know that Gran would disappear before retrieving the Book.

A shape shifter arrives at her library, bearing a message from Gran. Mira thought him to be the promised messenger who would take the unwelcome gift off her hands. She should have known better.

Mira is drawn back into the worlds of magic to find what happened to Gran, and to take up a legacy she is not certain she wishes to claim.




Strong Adept - purchase on kindle

The year is 1884 A.M. After Mithras. On the road to an alternate Hong Kong, a trade caravan arrives at the last roadside inn after nightfall. A renegade Imperial Adept, known only by the name Jinhao, is hiding in plain sight as the chief guard of the caravan. She intervenes in an altercation between the servants of the inn and a traveling British Sorcerer. Owen Strong is a former member of a secret sect and a Master Sorcerer who no longer has any interest in the British Crown’s secretive Obsidian Order.

Neither of them knows the forces that stalk each of them are drawing near. Both of them are in terrible danger.
When circumstances conspire to bring their enemies to the inn that night, each must learn to trust the other, or lose all.

In Strong Adept, Raven Bond has created an inventive and highly mystical world, where East and West, the ancient ways and the Age of Steam intertwine. Murder and magic are at the heart of the first meeting of Owen Strong, Master Sorcerer, and the mysterious Imperial Adept, Jinhao.

This short story tells more about the world of Magica that we first visited in the novel Strong Magic.

Published July 2014


Strong Magic - purchase on kindle

The year is 1885. The city is the British colony of an alternate Hong Kong. Some of the city’s most powerful men are dead from what appear to be heart attacks. Though no evidence points to foul play, members of the British Crown’s secretive Obsidian Order know something is amiss. Owen Strong is a former member of the secret sect and a Master Sorcerer who no longer has any interest in the Order—or its rules. He’s recruited by the Order to come out of retirement to investigate the mysterious deaths and save his island city.

Jinhao is Owen’s mysterious Chinese companion.

She is a woman of many talents, whose razor-sharp intellect and unusual skills are a match for her partner’s unique gifts. When Owen and Jinhao discover that there are radicals in Hong Kong who are planning to assassinate key delegates to disrupt upcoming trade negotiations, it’s not just Hong Kong that they must save: if they do not succeed, a world war will be imminent.

In Strong Magic, Raven Bond has created an inventive and highly mystical steampunk world, where the undead are loyal servants, powerful Magians help keep peace (and sometimes cause trouble) in a Steam Era Hong Kong, and a dragon named Lohan watches over them all from his perch above the city. The mystery at the center of the novel gets more unpredictable as the pages turn and the characters must delve into both Hong Kong society and its seedy underworld to secure the fate of the city and the world.

Published February 2014

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About Impish Press

The editors and owners of Impish Press have been publishing small press imprints since 1984 and digital imprints from 1996. We fell in love with words and pictures as early as we can remember; a love affair with the invisible splendours in the world took a bit longer. Our values include celebrating the creative, encouraging happiness, and a flexible approach to pursuing our passions.

We think of ourselves as indie publishers because we work with indie authors; we think of ourselves as hybrid publishers because we do digital first and print second. The important thing, to us, is the storytelling. We care about developing the story and getting it in the hands of readers for their enjoyment. We care about collaborating with our authors to give them final word on the cover, their words and the marketing we do together. We love the words and the images, and the whole business of publishing. Have fun reading.

What do we publish?

Individually, and collectively, our editors have published art catalogs, collections of poetry, monographs, the occasional comic, zines of various kinds, journals and magazines, calendars, blogs, and of course, books. We're a pretty diverse bunch, and are interested in, well, not everything, but pretty close to it. In practical terms, for a business must have some of those, we're interested in both fiction and non-fiction. We have a busy schedule ahead of us for 2015, focusing on commissioned non-fiction and novels from a few select authors.

Publishing Schedule

Our publishing schedule is centered around the seasons. In the Fall, we consider works for the following year. In Winter, we work on editing, polishing and new releases, and in Spring and Summer we start the cycle of reviewing new work. Occasionally, we open up submissions for a specific collection for the following year, and we'll make announcements about those here. Announcements will also go out to our mailing list.

Submission guidelines

Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts to Impish Press. We maintain a mailing list for publication opportunities and announcements. To be added to the mailing list, please subscribe. Agent enquiries are not being accepted at this time.